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New Philippine Parandrinae species and updated checklist

A new downloadable ebook. Check it out!

The new paper on the Hawaiian, Oriental, Australasian and Japanese Parandrinae

The subfamily Parandrinae is one of the most challenging Cerambycidae groups when it comes to identification. Prior to the work of Santos-Silva, Heffern and Matsuda, Philippine Parandrinae was lumped under a single species: Parandra janus BATES 1875.

Last July 2010, Insecta Mundi finally published the long awaited paper of the three authors: Revision of Hawaiian, Australasian, Oriental, and Japanese Parandrinae (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) wherein they took on the gargantuan task of putting order into this very complex group. I was asked to contribute some specimens from my collection plus those from my friend Eduard Vives. The result? Seven new species of Parandrinae for the Philippines alone!

Check out my updated Parandrinae checklist. Now, I’m in the process of identifying the rest of my specimens in my collection.

  • I see one of the new species is named after you – nice!

    Were all of the specimens you loaned designated paratypes?

  • @ted, some are holotypes while some are paratypes. some will also be returned to me 🙂