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Calomera cabigasi CASSOLA 2011, a new Philippine tiger beetle species

A new downloadable ebook. Check it out!

The tiger beetle species named after me

Finally, the paper, Studies of tiger beetles. CLXXXIX. A new Calomera species from Mindanao, Philippines, describing a new species which the author, Fabio Cassola, told me is a new species and he will name it in honor of me is finally out. After a couple of years. I’m elated and thankful to the author, of course. Much has been going on with Fabio waiting for a colleague to respond to his emails re the description to no avail.

Calomera cabigasi CASSOLA 2011 brings to five species under the genus Calomera to occur in the Philippines with three all found in Mindanao, including this new species. According to the author, it is similar to C. decemguttata from Sulawesi but smaller and with darker elytra, among other unique characters.

A copy of the paper can be downloaded here.

  • Congratulations, Bai Estan!

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    nice .. congrats:D