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Unidentified Metapocyrtus sp. from Cebu

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A small Metapocyrtus sp.  eating a chrysanthemum petal along Cebu's Trancentral Highway

A small Metapocyrtus sp. eating a chrysanthemum petal along Cebu’s Trancentral Highway

Cebu island is one of the country’s least explored and studied when it comes to Pachyrrhynchini. Despite being mountainous, most of its forests have already been cut as early as during the Spanish colonial period. With the boom in sugar prices in the late 19th century, much of the north have then been denuded to give way to vast sugar estates.

The remaining forests in very small patches in Central Cebu and perhaps at the southern end may still harbor interesting Pachyrrhynchini like this unidentified Metapocyrtus sp. (probably subgenus Trachycyrtus) found at a pile of cut chrysanthemum flowers in the province’s Transcentral Highway.

Dalla Torre and Emden’s Coleopterorum Catalogus and Schultze’s papers only mention quite a few, perhaps less than three species of genus Metapocyrtus and none of Pachyrrynchus. I’ve seen in the holdings of the University of San Carlos biological museum some species including ones that I’ve collected for myself.