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The cerambycid beetle illustrated at the right is a soon to be described Eustathes sp. from Bukidnon province in the island of Mindanao. This was according to my friend, Eduard Vives who was here for a visit. If not for the characteristic structure of the pronotum, it can easily be confused with the other Astathini genera Bacchisa and Astathes as there are also other species of said genera that displays the same elytral marking.

This will be the second species of the genus to occur in the Philippines. The other is Eustathes flava NEWMAN 1842 which is very common in most islands of the country.

A few years ago, Eduard Vives identified the beetle at the right as Chelidonium monticola HUDEPOHL 1989 based on a specimen from Mindanao that I have sent him. Last year, Vives, Bentanachs and Chew made a revision of the genus and placed the species under the genus Podanychroma. However, a few weeks ago, when he visited the country, he informed me that the said cerambycid is not really P. monticola but is actually a new species from a soon to be described genus. The paper will be published soon.

In the June 30, 2007 issue of the Ent. Rev. Japan, Tatsuya Niisato described a new species in his paper Addition to the Callichromatine Genus Schmidtiana (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) from the Philippines. Schmidtiana sasajii is found in Marinduque Island and is the 6th such species of the genus to be found in the Philippines.

The author notes that it has a very good resemblance with Schmidtiana ilocana SCHULTZE 1920, with similar coloration but can be separated based on two morphological characteristics:

  • rounded dorsal expansion of the prosternum
  • rectangular 8th abdominal segment

Because of these, Mr. Niisato says that there might be a relationship with the species from Palawan. The callichromatine beetle was named after the late Dr. Hiroyuki Sasaji, the author’s mentor. My great thanx goes to Eduard Vives for providing me a copy of the paper.

I just received some papers, both old and new, from Eduard Vives. These are:

These papers are really appreciated, especially the first two as these helped plug some gaps in my library.

I received an email from Deng of Rizal province saying that she got a beetle in her house and when I asked for a photo, I was just amazed at what she got: a prionine beetle! Intrigued at what species it might be, I arranged to visit her even if its a few hours from Makati. Two days later and after about 6 hours on the road, round trip, I was back at home with my prized specimen which at that time, was already weakened from a few days of being placed inside a wooden box.

I checked Hudepohl’s Longhorn Beetles of the Philippines and basing on the key and characteristics, the cerambycid is Macrophysis luzona FABRICIUS 1775.

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