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Decorative Light Plate Cover for Miniature Artwork?

How many times have you decided to use a plain white light plate cover because you couldn’t find the right color for contrast or praise the walls and the rest of your home decorative items? Or maybe you chose boring white because you didn’t realize that the latest trend in home decor is decorative light shades for every room in your home!

I remember back to the day when I was around 7 or 8 years old, I would go to my grandma’s house on Sunday afternoon for dinner. I specifically remember the wallpaper in the dining room. The color is pure white with a rather fuzzy gold-feather pattern. The entire wall is covered with this repeating pattern, including the cover of the lamp plate, for the time being the cover is considered more a barrier than the current mini decorative artwork.

The interior design still focuses on the wide open plan, creating a roomy feel while still maintaining a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere. Cleverly placed details can make or break this atmosphere, and can act as a central focal point for all. One such item, the decorative light plate cover, can fulfill this task as well as being an inspiration, or inspiration for other room decorations. Why? Because it’s a detail that can easily grow into a theme, be it color, style or story; it’s all up to the decorator in you.

It’s kind of funny, really, how one room in the house that isn’t overlooked for coordinated lampshades is the bathroom. Maybe it’s because the space is generally small coupled with the eternal need to coordinate everything that is possible. Maybe it’s just because this particular room has a wider selection of coordination details available at every discount department store in the city, turning a lamp cover from a piece of plastic covering a hole and a few wires into miniature artwork. Whatever the case, it’s time to spread the word and spread the art to every room in your home!

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