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Help expand the knowledge of Philippine Coleoptera

Thank you for visiting salagubang.net, your online resource on Philippine Coleoptera started in 2003. Making this site is both a labor of love and passion for one who is an amateur beetle collector in the Philippines. The country is where so many beautiful species can be found but is in danger of being lost forever as environmental destruction continues. There are still so many to be discovered while there is still time.

This page was made specifically to ask for your donations. The task of maintaining this site, collecting and researching is no walk in the park as I have other full time work. Help support my efforts in expanding the knowledge of Philippine Coleoptera by donating any amount you can by clicking on the Donate button below. Transactions are handled through Paypal, the web standard in secure and reliable online payments.

Other than monetary donations, I would also accept scientific papers that cites Philippine Coleoptera especially on the families I am concentrating on. Mounting boards or entomological pins are also welcome as these are not available in the country. I am also looking for entomologists who deal with other families beyond Cerambycidae who would want to collaborate on the study of Philippine Coleoptera. You can contact me by filling out this form.

Lastly, you might want to check out this page listing my contributions to Science in collaboration with entomologists.