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Outdoor Solar Lights – Unique ideas for creative landscaping

The problem with adding a little accent lighting to your backyard is that the job usually comes with annoying wires and complicated time management systems. However, don’t give up on your outdoor lighting ambitions before experiencing the comfort and simple settings of solar lighting fixtures.

With no wires or cables to worry about and uncomplicated dusk to dawn operations, outdoor sun lighting is your best choice for having a bright but non-hassle yard. Although in the past you might have had experience with gloomy and inconsistent solar lighting, you would be surprised to find a product line that is far more efficient and brighter on the market today. Here are some top notch examples to make your idea flow.

Solar Glow in Dark Spinning Earth Garden Lights

When most people think of outdoor solar lighting, they imagine the classic black-hat style track markers that will surely disappear in a sea of ​​vegetation. This beautiful update from this classic mainstay lets you inject a garden or trail with a little color, art, and light exactly where you need it.

This eye catching lamp is powered by super bright LED lights which are covered by a round glass cover that is modeled after the earth rotates. Each lamp in a set of three is perched at the end of a 19-inch pole and is equipped with a 10-foot wide cable to connect to a separate charging station, which allows you to install the lights even in shaded areas of the yard or park.

Solar Hanging Plant Light

More and more innovative uses for outdoor lighting are being exploited every day, which means you have more choices to brighten your garden than ever before. This smart solar hanging lamp casts a dramatic net of bright light over your favorite hanging flower for up to 8 hours.

This creatively designed unit features hanging loops at the top and bottom so that it can be inserted smoothly into the hanging basket. The bottom has six bright LED light bulbs that operate from dusk to dawn, while the upper half collects sunlight throughout the day. Add an extra touch of classy style to your garden with this simple but effective solar chandelier.

Great Solar Rock Spotlight

Stronger solar panels and highly efficient LED lights mean that outdoor solar lighting is more powerful and versatile than before. Far from being a boring track marker in the past, this large solar floodlight is capable of bathing shrubs, trees, statues, and others in brilliant light, like incandescent lamps every night.

Without wires to worry about, these stones are made from printed poly resin and are available in various colors to blend in with any garden decor during the day. The unit measures 8X5X6 inches and is equipped with its own rechargeable battery. Combine this practical page accent with several other accents for a dramatic and elegant look from dusk to dawn.

Stone Steps Solar Lighted

While solar lights may have done a good job of marking the edge of the path in the past, now you can illuminate the path itself with these amazing steps of sunlight. Built from durable poly-resin and measuring 13 square inches, this innovative stepping stone automatically lights up with warm light from dusk to dawn.

A solution that is very elegant and prioritizes safety for lighting on the edge of a swimming pool or front street, these lamps feature veneers like true stones and are protected from UV rays so they will last for years of use. Each stone has an individual battery of 12 hours so your path will stay safe and light well throughout the night.

Thin Solar Powered Stair Lights

With safety in mind, consider guiding guests’ footsteps through your garden with this series of sleek solar powered stair lights. Measuring only 1 inch thick and 15.5 inches long, this super bright marker light can be installed around existing track stones and bricks as layers but is perfect for sneaking into corners of stairs.

This useful lamp does not require wiring or special installation, but is equipped with optional pegs for garden installation. Each unit’s bright LED lights bright throughout the night while the solar panels that are built collect sunlight throughout the day.

From lighting in your backyard and garden parties, to providing dramatic light in your yard or garden, outdoor sun lighting is a versatile and attractive choice to beautify your home. In winter, solar lights can help decorate for a holiday

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