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Using Lantern Lighting for Home and Garden Decoration

Lanterns come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and themes. Some lanterns are made of Teflon-coated fabric and flame-retardant tissue, while others are made of plain paper. Lantern lighting is considered to be one of the simplest and most elegant forms of decoration in the world. It is also used extensively in Asian countries during festivals […]

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How to ensure a modern and elegant yet affordable lighting system

Traditional lighting systems have evolved a lot because affordable modern lighting. People find it difficult to show interest in old and unattractive lighting systems. They are seen adopting modern lighting models and styles to create a graceful and soothing atmosphere. The variety of affordable modern lighting is unlimited. They come in a wide spectrum of […]

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Types of outdoor lighting for your patio area and backyard deck

More and more people are spending more time in their outdoor living room today. Many homes now have outdoor kitchens, decks, terraces, gardens and backyards where people can relax. In all these areas, outdoor lighting plays an important role. Obviously, lighting is needed at night. It also can make your outer appearance more beautiful. Outdoor […]

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Adding a mini pendant lamp to your home adds a beautiful decoration to the room

So, you redesign your interior space and the subject of lighting appears. You want to appear with a more contemporary look, and be interested in pendant lighting ideas. But which lighting solution is best for you – pendants or mini pendants? That’s a good question, and one without a simple answer. That is because there […]

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Outdoor Solar Lights – Unique ideas for creative landscaping

The problem with adding a little accent lighting to your backyard is that the job usually comes with annoying wires and complicated time management systems. However, don’t give up on your outdoor lighting ambitions before experiencing the comfort and simple settings of solar lighting fixtures. With no wires or cables to worry about and uncomplicated […]