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Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Sky Lantern Flying Experience

Flying sky lanterns are not fireworks, but they have the power to create visual effects that are better than fireworks. Because fire is involved in lighting, many people feel that they can cause fires. In fact, some senators in the US have tried to make such lanterns banned during ceremonies and celebrations in their cities. However, in reality, sky lanterns are safer than most fireworks because they are made of fire-resistant materials.

The fire in the lantern heats the air, and hot air collects in the lantern. This hot air pushes the lantern up. After the fire goes out, the air inside the lantern cools, and the lantern gently floats to the ground. Because the fire lanterns come down only after the fire has extinguished, it is not a fire hazard. And, by taking appropriate precautions when lighting a lantern, you can guarantee that there is no damage caused by this lantern.

Dos Launches Sky Lanterns

Buy Branded Sky Lanterns: If you buy it from a well-known store or online web shop that specializes in selling such lanterns, you minimize the possibility of errors. On the other hand, buying sky lanterns that are even slightly damaged can be bad.

Choose Your Land Wisely: Open space will match the decoration of your lanterns much better than crowded spaces. Make sure you maintain a reasonable distance from the skyscraper. Also, most places have laws prohibiting flying lanterns within 5 miles of the airport. So make sure you are not close to any airport.

Let Emergency Services Know Upfront: If you plan to launch too many sky lanterns at the same time, you must notify emergency services first. This is very important in coastal areas because people might think of floating lanterns as an emergency flare.

Take Attention: There is almost no possibility of lanterns burning when they are in the sky. Things can go wrong only when you turn it on. It is better to keep the sand or water close to ensure that there is no fire if an error occurs when lighting the lantern.

Prohibition of Launching Sky Lanterns

Make sure there isn’t too much Wind: If the wind speed is more than 5-7 miles per hour, you might want to consider saving your celebration of the flying lantern. Strong winds can carry lanterns far, and this can be dangerous.

Keep away from children: Even though flying sky lanterns are easy to ignite and are not dangerous, you should keep them away from children. If a child lights a lantern, make sure that the responsible adult helps him and guides him.

Don’t smoke or drink when launching a lantern: Turning on a flying lantern requires attention and concentration. If you get drunk, you might end up burning a lantern instead of turning on the fuse. Smoking while launching a lantern gives birth to the possibility of lighting a fire. So, avoid too.

Do not Use / Carry Flammable Items: When lighting a lantern, you will use a fire. So, it makes sense to avoid wearing flammable clothing. Also, keeping things close to a fire when lighting a lantern is also not a good idea.

As long as you follow a simple and no-dose dose of flying sky lantern lighting, you will minimize the risk of fire and enjoy a safe and pleasant celebration.

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